Experience since 1993!

We are a Romanian company that offers high-quality industrial solutions due to the experience of the people who make it. The vast majority of the team have worked since 1993 in the food industry for Coca-Cola HBC Iasi for 15 years on various positions: operators, mechanics, electricians, supervisors, managers.

Our activity

It covers almost all technical requirements that may occur in the food industry. Our main profile is bottling, but there are other areas of the food industry such as machinery from bread, chips, seeds, beer, oil, wine, canned, dairy and others to which we can provide:

  • preventive or accidental maintenance;
  • relocations;
  • preservation;
  • layout changes.
100% Industrial Installation
100% Industrial Relocation
100% Industrial Maintenance

A successful team

We provide the following categories of specialists:

  • mechanics;
  • electricians;
  • electromechanical;
  • specialists in automation and industrial electronics;
  • plumbers;
  • authorized welders (in stainless steel / aluminum / iron);
  • qualified personnel for handling;
  • logistics specialists;
  • project managers.

Partners who were pleased with our benefits:

Coca Cola Romania and Republica Moldova
Relocation of machinery, mechanical or electrical interventions.
TNT Mobra
Relocation of maintenance bottling lines and layout changes in Ireland, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus.
Machine relocations, installed nut sorting line, various assembly operations.
Relocation of spiral conveyors, relocation of production lines.
Relocation of machinery, production lines, equipment maintenance, commissioning.
Installation of lubrication system on conveyors in different locations.
Dubet B.V.
Various relocation of equipment and production lines.