Relocation of industrial equipment

Regardless of the location around the globe, our experience in relocating production lines including dismantling, packing, and reassembling under the initial conditions will add value to your factory.

Description of services

Our professional team is moving regardless of the country prepared to dismantle any kind of production line that we then put back into operation in identical or better conditions. If the layout is not the same as the original plan we can make the necessary changes.

Operations consist of
  • removal;
  • professional cleaning;
  • packaging for transport purposes;
  • handling and loading on trucks / containers;
  • transport (road / sea, etc.) to the final destination and all logistics operations and formalities;
  • resettlement and commissioning /¬†commissioning assistance;
  • permanent coordination with the client's staff;
  • project management.
Why choose us?

The aim of our engineers is to find a solution to any problem that you have.

  • problem identification;
  • adaptability;
  • making production more efficient;
  • optimistic attitude.